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seabed mineral processing exploitation

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「The deep sea as a target for exploitation MIDAS」

The deep sea as a target for exploitation The deep sea has always been an important area for human exploitation: resources such as fish, oil and gas have been taken from the sea for many decades, and more recently the marine environment has been targeted as a source of renewable energy.

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「The International Seabed Authority and Deep Seabed」

Its primary function is to regulate exploration for and exploitation of deep seabed minerals found in 'the Area', which is defined by the Convention as the seabed and subsoil beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, that is, beyond the outer limits of the continental shelf. The Area comprises just over 50 per cent of the entire seabed on Earth.

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「Seabed mining: Managing the future of mineral exploitation」

Seabed mining is an emerging 21st century industry. Our increased demand for rare earth elements and metals, crucial to todays hightech and green technologies, has stimulated interest in this next phase of mineral exploitation. The worlds oceans contain extensive deposits of commercially relevant

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「Prospecting, Exploration and Exploitation of Deep Seabed」

Presentations will be made by experts on the process and status of the legal regimes established for recovery of these minerals, the types of minerals to be found in the Area, resource evaluation, the protection and preservation of the marine environment from prospecting, exploration and mining in the Area and the Authoritys Endowment Fund promoting and encouraging marine scientific research in

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