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magnetic separator of iron from manganese

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「Extraction and separation of manganese and iron from」

Photoreduction of the leached solution with sunlight provides ferrous oxalate dihydrate and the dihydrate can be further converted into manganese ferrite by roasting at 500 °C for 4 h. On the other hand, undissolved manganese and iron in the leaching residues can be further recovered by the roasting and magnetic separation

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「Upgrading of lowgrade manganese ore based on reduction」

The reduction roasting products of lowgrade manganese ore, mainly comprising of MnO, metallic iron, and residual gangue, could be separated effectively to obtain richmanganese ore and magnetic product. The RMn, RFe, and TMn can reach the peak values of 71.00%, 93.60%, and 56.20wt

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